Welcome to Sunday School

The Sunday School session takes place alongside the Sunday worship service on Sunday mornings at St. Anselm’s. Kids in the ages 2 - 13 are welcome to attend. Our worship begins 10:30 am. After the initial hymn, the priest engages the kids briefly, soon after the kids leave the sanctuary for their Sunday School space. The Sunday School team consists of a theologically trained teacher and her enthusiastic assistant. The team is passionate about God and children. They engage the children in Sunday School with Bible stories, songs, games and crafts in a loving and caring atmosphere. Children get the opportunity to sing, ask questions, wonder, work with crafts and colors and play dress up. Children are also given healthy snacks. The atmosphere is relaxed and kid friendly. The children are eager and happy to learn about God’s love for mankind through the many inspiring Bible stories. They learn that God loves them and cares for each one of them in a special way.

To find out more please contact the office at office@stanselms.ca