Planting seeds for the Kingdom.

Through our time, talents, and treasure, which God has enabled us in different ways, we give thanks and mark that with financial contributions as seeds for the continuation of our ministry here in this place, which is the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God. We understand giving to be about planting, from the first fruits of our labours, the seeds of faith for a new generation. We believe that we are called to ministries, rather than jobs, and because of that our budget is a tool for the kingdom rather than a bill to be paid. Our finances as a community continue to be a lens through which we enable ministry in the West Side of Vancouver, a ministry which invites you to support its life changing work.

Through the ongoing support of our community we continue to transform lives, teach kids to pray, marry, bury, and baptize. We continue to teach and preach the love of God in Christ, and celebrate the awesome mystery of our humanity in the Eucharist. We continue to mark our lives with the sacraments from the moment of birth to the moment of our death.

Our gifts are varied, our gifts are abundant. God has given us incredible abilities in our time, talent, and treasure, which are all unique and different. For a community to grow and thrive, it needs all kinds of abilities. Your abilities are both welcomed and celebrated here, no matter the size.

God calls you to give thanks, through your time, talent, and treasure to enable a life changing relationship with the world around this parish. There is never a prefect time for us to act, only God's time. God's time is now.

Come and join us as we plant seeds for the kingdom in ministry. The world needs you.

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