Pastoral Care

Caring for all of God's people, empowered by prayer and the sacraments

Pastoral care is an ancient model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. It has been described in our modern context as a supportive relationship between indivduals and the church, which is usually fulfilled through the clergy. In our parish, the ministry of pastoral care is shared by our clergy with trained members of the communinty who support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories. They help keep people connected when they are no longer able to be at church, as well as making home visits with communion, prayers, and conversation. This ministry in offered in the following ways here:

Prayer Ministry: If you or a loved one are ill, facing adversity, or going into hospital and would like to be upheld in prayer, please be in touch with the office to let us know how we can pray for you. 

Pastoral Visitation: In the event of not being able to make it to church, or in the face of any challenges in life, members of our pastoral visitation team will visit. From prayer, or annointing, conversation to Eucharist, we bring the greetings of the parish and the sacraments of the church to your home or bedside. Please contact Rev. Alex Wilson to arrange the visit.