On Sunday, April 26, we will say a fond good-bye to Rev. John Marriott, who is moving to Surrey. 
Our 10:30 am worship will be followed by a lunch where we will be joined by members of Iona Pacific Centre at VST. They will conduct an Interfaith Garden Tour of our community garden, and facilitate a discussion about how gardening can help grow our faith communities. An experience of their first Interfaith Garden tour can be found here: http://sophiastreet.com/2015/03/22/horseradish-harvest/

Thank you to all who participated in our Parish Consultation last Sunday, whether in person or by email. There were a lot of insightful comments and great discussions. Survey results are in and here are the top 2 answers you gave us for each questionn.
1.  What one word comes to mind when you think of St. Anselm’s?
Friendly = 22%
Welcoming = 20%  

2.  What do you value most about St. Anselm’s? What keeps you coming?
Warm, nuturing community = 25%
Feels like family = 19%  

3.  What do you consider to be St. Anselm's strengths?
Welcoming = 29%
Attractive location = 26% 
What areas could be improved?
Larger congregation to share the load = 26%
Connect with UBC = 19%

4.  As we look forward to the next five years, what opportunities do you see for St. Anselm’s?
Create enriching programs = 31%
New members will bring new energy & ideas = 25%

What challenges?
How to involve new members = 25%
Create programs to attract young families = 22%

What areas need to be improved to meet those challenges?
Create programs relevant to young people & families = 79%

5.  What would you like to see as the role of St. Anselm’s in the UBC and Point Grey community, now and in the future?
Safe haven for students = 20%
Spiritual home (worship & counselling) = 18%

6.  What are the top qualities you think St. Anselm's should be looking for in a new priest? 
Christ centered = 11%
Interpersonal & communication skills = 11%
Next steps in the process are to complete our Parish Profile and review it with Archdeacon John Stephens. Then the Profile will be presented to Bishop Melissa before her visit when we hope to receive her blessing of the document.
If you would like to discuss the questions or the Canonical process further, I would love to hear from you, by email atpeg.gabor@gmail.com or during coffee hour.
Upcoming Events
Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 25. Drop in anytime between 10 and 2 to help with sprucing up the church and grounds. Talk to Doug and Heather for more info.
Our next Messy Church is May 9 at 3:30pm.
On Wednesday May 20 from 7 to 9 pm the Neighbourhood Ministry Annual Meeting will be held at St. Anselm's. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you are currently involved in the program or are interested and would like to know more. You may bring a dessert to share.
Save the Date for Bishop Melissa’s visit on Pentecost Sunday May 24
April 22 Parish Council Highlights

- Temi Alao will be our Youth Delegate to synod

- Shelagh Smith was nominated for the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster

- In accordance with diocesan policy, we approved a policy requiring parish leaders to receive training in sexual misconduct prevention, and those in sensitive roles to obtain a police records check