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Message from Tim Cheek and Rosie Schipizky, Vestry Nominations Officer
for St. Anselm’s 2023 Elections to Vestry

Dear St. Anselm’s parishioners,

It is once again Vestry season and we once again will elect our Church Council at our Vestry meeting scheduled for February 26, 2023. As the returning officers for this election, we would like to make this open call for nominations to the following ministries on our Church Council: 

  • Rectors Warden
  • People’s Warden
  • Treasurer
  • Parish Council Secretary
  • Members at Large to Council  (3 or more required)
  • Trustees (up to 7)
  • Member of Synod (2)
  • Alternative Members of Synod (3)
  • Youth Member of Synod (1)
  • Alternative Youth Member of Synod

In addition to these elected positions the Signing Officers are made up of the two Wardens, the Treasurer and two Council Members.

A description of the duties and responsibilities of each of the elected positions is available via our email service to parishioners or may be requested by writing either of us at t.chee[at] or schipizky[at]

Nominations may be made by any parish member (including self-nominations) and require both a seconder and the signed agreement of the candidate expressing a willingness to stand, and the nominated individual must be able to attend Vestry. The nomination form is available via our weekly email to parishioners or may be requested by writing to either of us at t.chee[at] or schipizky[at]

If you are interested in learning a bit more about these ministries and if you feel you might be called to give one a try, please feel free to contact me or any member of the current Church Council.

Best, Tim Cheek & Rosie Schipizky


Vestry 2023 Parish Report with Narrative Budget

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