Alecia Greenfield
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Happy Ascension Day!

As I mentioned in my sermon this morning, which you can watch here, our diocesan synod met on May 15 via zoom for some important business regarding our life together in this place and time. More coverage of synod can be found here with results from elections and the Bishops charge to synod.

Resolutions were brought forward from our Neighbourhood Ministry and the Climate Action working group, that start us down the path of directed action towards a more just world as members of the Body of Christ. These two resolutions and supporting material are below, and I invite you to pray with them asking God how you might offer your skills and gifts to enable the work they contain. A prayer which may help guide your heart in discerning a response is "Jesus, teach me your ways that I may respond to this need."

May the Holy Spirit guide your heart and mind as we seek to respond to its work in the wider diocese we love and share.

With every blessing,