Rev. Alex Wilson
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I write to inform you of a decision that I've tried desperately to avoid, but find myself no longer able to. Due to the rapid rise of covid-19 (omicron variant) and the risks associated to transmission in community by singing and closer indoor proximity to others, I have made the decision to suspend all in person worship until further notice This decision was made in consultation with our wardens and after a day spent in prayer. It is not a decision I take lightly given how important this weekends worship is for us as christians, but I cannot in good conscience gather the community in person knowing that the risks posed by omicron continue to affect even the vaccinated.

Now you maybe wondering why we closed, rather than opted to check vaccine passports first?

  • Vaccine passports, while foundational to our protection of the vulnerable, do not stop omicron. 77% of the cases which were reported tonight by the province were in people who were double vaccinated.

But why don't we just keep the capacity low and all the doors and windows open, turn on the fans, and limit the length of the vicars sermon instead?

  • Well, while we all may rejoice at a shorter sermon from me, the reality is the same here as it was for the vaccine passports. Ventilation and reduced capacity are helpful, but it does not stop omicron. This, coupled with what is expecting to be deeply cold temperatures and possible snow this weekend mean that it would be unbearably cold in the church with the windows and doors open.

So how can I worship this weekend, and how can I receive the Eucharist?

  • All our worship will be live streamed this weekend, using YouTube like normal. We will also open a zoom room at the same time so that you can sing together from home while listening to the livestream. Email the office for details about the zoom co-ordinates: office(at)

  • I will be hand delivering Christmas Eucharist to everyone who wants it on Sunday December 26th in the afternoon. Registration closes at 12pm December 26.

To register for Home Communion, please email me at awilson(at) before December 26th at 12pm. Once I have the rota completed, I will email you to confirm your slot by 12:30 on December 26th, which will also have the order of service for you to use.  A reminder that I am unable to come into your apartment/house and will only meet you at the threshold to your door. If no one is home or answers the door, I am not able to leave the sacrament at your door.

The coming of Christ at Christmas is an event held open for the love of the world, a love which means we keep each other safe by staying apart right now.

As we prepare for this amazing night, please pray for me as I continue to pray for you.

See you on YouTube!