“For we do not make our offering to God as if God were needy, but to render thanks for God’s generosity and to sanctify creation.   For just as God has no need of the things which come from us, so we have need to offer something to God, as Solomon says: Whoever is kind to the poor lends to God [Prov 19.17]”

  Against the Heresies

Irenaeus was a second-century bishop and teacher of the faith, who defended Christianity as a gospel for all of human life, in all its dimensions. Irenaeus was one of the first great theologians of the Christian Church. His most famous work is Against the Heresies. He taught that the Word became flesh in order to sanctify the whole of human life, its physical as well as its spiritual side, so that nothing was left outside the creative love of God and the transforming power of Christ. Though Irenaeus addressed his message to people and movements in the second century, his basic message has remained a touchstone of the Church’s thinking ever since.

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