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After consulting with you through a parish survey, listening to the briefings from Dr. Bonnie Henry, and praying for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we are thrilled to announce a reopening date to in person worship.

God willing and public health orders permitting, we will return to in person worship on February 13, 2022. As before, we will continue to livestream and offer a zoom call option for those who are not yet comfortable to return to in person worship.

So what does our return to in person worship look like, and what can we expect on February 13, 2022? Some things will be the same, while some will be different. 

Here’s what might look a little different:

  • To help us protect each other, vaccine passports will be checked at the door. We are not scanning your passport, but will visually check it.
  • Capacity will be limited to 50%, which for us means a maximum of 55 people in the church at any one time.
  • Seating will be in household bubbles, which is understood as resident at the same address, with 6 ft between households in a pew. We will leave every second pew empty for spacing.
  • For the first while, we won't be singing together in church, but we will still have music. Singing has been shown to be one of the riskiest activities to spread COVID-19, because of the aerosols it produces.

Here's what might look the same:

  • Masks are required, encompassing the nose and mouth, at all times during worship, including when reading or leading the prayers of the people.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building and we ask you to please use it especially before and after receiving Eucharist.
  • Visiting before and after church with people in other pews is welcome, observing social distancing, but indoor receptions, coffee hours, and food based events remain restricted for the time being.
  • Windows and doors maybe left open for ventilation and improved air circulation, which is a proven reduction method for COVID-19 transmission, so please come prepared for a slight chill from time-to- time.
  • We continue to ask that if you feel unwell, for any reason, please stay home to stay safe. 
  • We will gather, we will pray, and we will continue to grow together in the beauty of God's providential vocation for us here.

2022 is opening with a hopeful note of continued growth in the gospel for us in this place, and we look forward to a gradual return to vibrant life together one intentional step at a time.

With every blessing,

Naman, Mi, and Alex+