Alecia Greenfield
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When Will You Come Back to The Building?


We are now entering the final phase of this pandemic with plans being released from the public health office and our bishop on what a return to in-person worship may look like between now and September. Why September? Because it is expected that we should all be fully vaccinated by this time and able to re-enter into life with low or no restrictions.

The wardens and I, as we continue to put together the pieces necessary to return to in-person worship with strength, safety, and vitality, want to hear from you about how you will return to in-person worship. Your answers to the below survey will help us better announce a reopening plan in the coming weeks that respects our need to be together again, honours the health requirements still in place, and reflects where we are as a community on this.

The survey is open till June 12, and your feedback would be very helpful in how we will plan our return to the building.

Your voice matters here, so please share with us what you're thinking, using the link in the bar below this note.

With prayers for you,


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