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 Dear Family in Christ,  

It was during the month of March that we were horrified to see the images of cruelty and destruction in the beautiful country of Ukraine through the media , and  Primates World Relief & Development Fund(PWRDF) was on the ground working to save all who were affected. We held our intentional giving to the work of PWRDF though our engagement and prayer as we held our Pilgrimage. We raise more than $3,000 and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you. As we celebrate the Reign of Christ Sunday on the 20th of October we shall again focus on PWRDF.

As your parish representative for PWRDF, and  as we had done before,  we shall have an IN PERSON INDIAN  LUNCH at 12:00 noon on the 20th in our Church Narthex . Lunch will be $25.00 a person , entire monies going to PWRDF. 


I invite you to make an  additional  donation on top of it if you are so inclined, any money over $10.00 will be receiving a tax receipt from PWRDF.

In deep gratitude for your heartfelt support & prayers,

Shirin Theophilus