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The following announcement was made in church this morning by Peg Gabor, our Bishops Warden. Many of us will know that the parish was engaged in a canonical process which would call our permanent rector. After much prayer and conversation it was felt that the right fit was already among us, a fit who was already so much apart of us. Based on this, this statement was issued by our Bishop to the parish regarding our Vicar.

"From the office of the Bishop of New Westminster to the Community of St. Anselm's

After consulting with the wardens and Archdeacon Stephens, the Bishop is pleased to extend her appointment of Rev. Alexander Wilson as Full Time Priest-in-Charge, Vicar, of St Anselms until Spring 2019. The parish will cease their canonical process as they welcome Rev. Alex's continuation as pastor, priest, and teacher in their midst. Rev. Alex will continue his work of visioning, sacrament, and building community with you in the weeks ahead. His appointment extension begins January 1, 2017. Please continue to pray for him and the people of St. Anselm's."


Alex has been working hard with us over the last 14 months and we are so thrilled he will be staying until April 2019 at least to continue his good work of growth, sacrament, and community building with us. Please join us in celebration as we give theanks for his ministry amoung us and the providence of our Bishop for this appointment.

Thanks be to God!