Alecia Greenfield
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Join us starting February 19th as we explore scripture and the world where God is revealing God's self to us on the road towards the cross. Curated with photos by Melissa Giesbrecht and supported by reflections on the Eucharistic lectionary of the day throughout Lent, we will seek to pray, think, and explore, where God’s iconography is written in our life.

But what is Iconography? It is an ancient practice of prayer which uses images of the saints and Jesus to deepen prayer and our connection to the sacred presence of God among us. These images, which we call Icons, are not painted- but written. Written through the layers of paint applied in prayer, in the colors we use that call our attention to God's presence in our life, these icons unveil a journey of the soul when they are finished. A journey which becomes an anchor of prayer as we continue to grow in God.Our icons this lent maybe Icons of Jesus, the martyrs and apostles. They may also be photographs and memories, poems and collages.

What makes them an icon, a window into the sacred, is how they help us see through this world and into God's world. A world in which we are made whole. Where we are anchored for ministry in the world. Where we are welcomed home in love by the author of Love, which is God.

So join me church, this lent, as we seek our the icons of God's presence in our world through visual and written reflections. Each week's reflections will come out every Sunday in the bulletin, and we will meet for coffee three times throughout Lent to discuss what we are finding together. 

Coffee meetings will be held at Trees Lelem (5425 Shortcut Road- facing the urban fair side) on March 14, 21 and 28th at 1pm.

Join with me Church. All are welcome!