Peg Gabor
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We celebrated the feast day of our patron St. Anselm and the 65th anniversary of our parish. Our growing choir performed the song "St. Anselm's - A Brief History" (see below) including two new verses composed this year.

After church, there was a reception where we shared cake, finger foods and conversation. Our four members of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster showed off their "bling", and photographs of St Anselm's through the years, including some of the narthex under construction, were on display. 
Photos by Dana and Peg
- - -




Some decades ago near the tip of Point Grey,

The Anglicans wanted their own place to pray.

They founded a parish, and scrounged acreage

And named it for Anselm, archbishop and sage.


They planned this church building, and all can agree:

The east wall of stones represents Trinity;

But newcomers puzzle, of reason bereft;

"Just why does the cross seem to favour the left?"




A new century dawns in a world full of strife,

St. Anselm’s keeps faith with the One who gives life.

In hope we seek guidance and help from above

And quest for new ways to make known Jesus’ love.




When we were confronted with “dignified closure”

We rolled up our sleeves and we firmly said “No Sir!”

A memory garden, renovation, renewal -

St. Anselm’s is polished and shines like a jewel.

Our Sunday School’s growing and so is the choir,

We’re glowing, we’re showing God’s Spirit and fire,

We’re serving our neighbours we meet on the street

And honour First Nations on whose land we meet.