Rev. Alex Wilson
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In a few short weeks, we will be asked to exercise our democratic right and obligation- to vote for the representatives of our country. Over the years, the messages we are being given are grounded increasingly in fear politics of hate, rather than focusing on the needs and wants of the people of this country.

As Christians, we have a duty to hold ourselves and our politicians accountable for what is said and done on our behalf. That begins at the polling station, and continues throughout their mandate. In recent weeks we have seen our youth joining together across this country to demand we pay attention and take action on climate issues. This, along with many others, are pressing issues for us as Canadians to discuss and make decisions about on October 21.

To give us a space for that reflection, I have prepared a document which reflects on our baptismal promises and the platforms our federal leaders are advocating in this election. The platforms are not written by me, nor is this my opinion for you to follow. Rather, it is a document designed to give you the opportunity to look at the real issues being presented to us, and pray with them via your baptism as you make a decision. I am not telling you how to vote, just pointing towards the places where we can find more information together through the frame of our baptism. 

In the pages that follow there maybe things you don't agree with or understand. Find the next rally for that party, or phone their election office to ask more question. Do some research via trusted news sources to find out more, or come and talk to me about how this is impacting your baptism.

My door is open to pray with you over this, as you and I reflect together via our baptisms, on the decisions ahead of us.

May God continue to bless you, as you bless this community,



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