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St. Anselm's, along with the Jewish and Islamic faiths, believes in a creator God who is the source of all things. But if there is a creator God behind everything, then that creative force is present throughout contemporary society and within non-religious activities. People of faith are curious to learn how that creative force is experienced by people who make creativity the centre of their professional lives but who do so outside explicitly religious contexts. It would be well worth hearing how others experience that all-inclusive creative process! Robert Bateman will share his experience of the call to passionate commitment to the life of creatures. Bramwell Tovey will share his experience of the upwelling of creative art in the conducting of an orchestra. Vikra Vij will share the creative experience of preparing and serving that which sustains life and delights the senses in his culinary art. St. Anselm's knows that the creative process we call God is far bigger than one congregation or one faith can contain, and we want to expose ourselves and others to that reality along with our friends in the wider community. Join us for four unforgettable experiences of what makes our universe tick!

March 2, 7:30: Robert Bateman

March 9, 7:30: Bramwell Tovey

March 16, 7:30: Megaphone Magazine

March 23, 7:30: Vikram Vij