Rev. Alex Wilson
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Walking for peace together.


Everyday, our lives are challenged with the news that comes out of Ukraine. The unspeakable horrors of war continues to afflict countless people across Ukraine and the world. Sadly, Ukraine is top of mind, however there are many other places where war is still being raged throughout the word. God weeps when we choose violence, and in those tears it may feel like there is nothing we can do from so far away. Yet as Christians, we know the power of action which is grounded in prayer. An action I am inviting you to join me in this month as a community.

From Sunday May 22 to Sunday May 29th, we will walk using the different options in the brochure - developed in parthership with Shirin Theophilus parish PWRDF coordinator - in prayer between here and Kyiv as an act of solidarity with all those who are afflicted on every side by this war. These activities, which can be done alone or in a group, are not just actions to make work, but living testaments to what is possible in an impossible situation through prayer. Our solidarity through prayer, and the money we raise because of it, is a testament to the world that there is always another option than war. War isn't about God, because it isn't about love. War isolates and traumatizes. We follow a God who calls us into the radical obligation to human community, a community which is even more important today.

So how do we start? Click the picture above to download your pilgrimage brochure and pledge form and pray with the activities it lists. Find one which fits your lifestyle and start recruiting people to join you as well as pledges and donations. Email the office to let us know you're taking part, and we will send you helpful tips on how to recruit folks and ask people for pledges. The office email is office[at] or Vicar Alex is awilson[at]

We will set off on our pilgrimage with special prayers on May 22, and finish our walk on May 29th with a festive BBQ after worship.

The sunflower, a symbol of Ukraine, is also a reminder of how we search for and orientate our lives into the brightness of the Son, in whom our lives are made whole. So as we seek to walk with Christ for peace together, bring your friends, challenge your neighbour, and raise awareness with the action of your life- that peace is always an option in a world where war is preferred. God built us from birth for peace, a peace this world needs today. Join me as we pray, walk, and seek Gods peace together as we raise money for the redevelopment of Ukraine.