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We gathered for our annual vestry this year on February 21, not in person as we normally do, but over Zoom. Having been granted permission for this change by the diocese we had no idea what to expect for something we had never done before.

Gosh was it fun!

We had the chance to pray and see one another, to receive the reports of our minsitires and vote on our budget. Our Wardens works so hard along with our Trustee Tim to obtain nominations for election, all of which led to a smooth and wonderful meeting for all.

As our Vicar said at the meeting, our tenacity to overcome these challenges and stay connected like this reminds us of the power of God's Holy Spirit to do more than we can ask or imagine!

We pray God's blessing on those elected at Vestry:

People's Warden: Naman Paul

Rector's Warden: (appointed by the Vicar) Mi Ho

Trustees (7 total-4 elected): Rev. Alex (ex officio), Naman Paul (ex officio), Mi Ho (ex officio), Heather Friesen, Shirin Theophilus, Tim Cheek, Rosie Schipizky

Treasurer: Heather Friesen

Parish Council Secretary: Ruth Vivek

Members-at- Large: Felix Funk, Demetrius Schwab, Dirk VandePol, David Sims

Delegates to Synod: Anne Mervyn,Shirin Theophilus

Thanks be to God!