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Life Groups: It's better together!

L-earn   I-nvolve   F-ellowship   E-vangelize    Life- learning to involve ourselves in fellowship to evangelize (tell the world) about the Gospel of Christ. We are meant for community, and in community we find... Read More

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Pilgrim: Your next step?

What is Pilgrim? It is a course for the Christian pilgrimage. We understand life to be a pilgrimage, a journey from love into love, which means we need food for the journey along the road to replenish and enhance... Read More


Vacation Bible Camp 2017

Praying and Playing, Running and Learning, Painting and Planting, Eating and Chitchating. All they did last four days.  See you soon! Read More

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We Have A Curate!

  By the grace of God, and after a period of prayerful interview's, I am happy to share that on the unanimous recommendation of our Canonical Committee, Bishop Skelton has appointed Hyok Kim Curate to St. Anselm's... Read More


Strawberry Tea: An amazing experience

On a slightly cloudy day, people from all over west point grey gathered for our annual Strawberry Tea. The Strawberries were extra sweet this year, melting in your mouth like candy. We had so many cakes and tons of... Read More

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Strawberry Tea: Do you have your tickets yet?

Do you have your ticket for the most coveted event of the year?  An afternoon of good friends, fresh local strawberries, ice-cream, homemade cakes, and delisous tea, All are welcome! Bring a friend, bring two!... Read More


Canadian government announces matching fund for Famine Relief

On May 29, the federal government announced it will match funds donated to Canadian NGOs for famine relief in Africa and the Middle East. For every dollar donated to PWRDF's Famine Relief appeal from March 17 to... Read More

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Easter Sunday

ALLELUIA! What an amazing day. We baptized 4 new members of the Jesus movement, experienced the beauty of Anglican worship, broke bread, sang Hosanna, and encountered Christ in the Garden. Happy Easter and thanks... Read More

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Palm Sunday

We had good weather to start the service outdoors. As we entered the holiest week in the Christian calendar, our service retraced the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem as we blessed and distributed palms and marched... Read More

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Neighbourhood Ministry News- April 2017

Our Neighbourhood ministry has some important news about our upcoming Easter Luncheon, ways to volunteer, and updates from our Angels program. There is so much happening! Check out the attached flyer for more... Read More