February 25, 2015
Guest Speaker

Creativity is central to being human. Religion has often thought of God as the only creator, but creativity also happens outside the religious context. This speaker series explores the spirit of creativity from non-religious perspectives as significant leaders in the arts - dance, theater, painting, poetry and music - share their own sense of the spirit of their art. About Karen Jamieson: After receiving a BA in Philosophy and Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, Karen Jamieson began dancing at Simon Fraser University. Her major dance training was in New York. Returning to Vancouver, she co-initiated the experimental movement collective, Terminal City Dance Research. She received the Chalmers award, Canada's principal choreographic award. She established Karen Jamieson Dance in 1983. Her work Sisyphus was recognized as one of the 10 Choreographic Masterworks of the 20th Century and she has also been acknowledged for her groundbreaking work in community engaged and cross cultural dance. The company has toured nationally and internationally. The foundation of her current dance practice integrates Vijnana yoga and principles of tensegrity anatomy with contemporary dance. She was presented with the Vancouver Mayor’s Award for dance ion 2013. Karen has been involved in dance collaborations with many communities including First Nations and Asian groups. You can read more at http://www.kjdance.ca/karen-jamieson/