Dig In Weekly Bible Study

Dig In Weekly Bible Study

We extend a heart-felt invitation to you, your family & friends to dig deeper with us into scripture during our weekly bible study where we explore scripture together to deepen our desire to share, serve, and grow as a community in Christ. We usually gather at one of our member's houses from 1:00pm to 3:00pm but during the Summer months we meet at 7:00 pm.  

No theological education required or necessary, just an inquisitive heart. Questions are expected and encouraged!

All are welcome! Bring a friend, bring two!  For more information contact Shirin or Heather

Please note that May 7th, 2018 was the last Bible Study session of Spring 2018.  The group shall gather once every month in Summer to have a discussion, singing, and social time.  The dates are June 25, July 30, & Aug 27 at 7 pm with any change in dates will be duly announced.

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